3 key points to enhancing current hiring practices

Hiring is one of the most important activities business owners or managers will undertake for their companies.

After all, it is the employees – the human capital – who represent a company’s product or service to its customers. This ultimately determines whether the company is profitable.

Unfortunately, hiring often occurs reactively or on a spur of the moment, with predictably negative outcomes. The consequences of not taking the time to hire right the first time are financially and culturally taxing on a company.

Don’t allow bad hiring practices to undermine your organization.

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Meditation in motion

“It requires a direct dispensation from Heaven to become a walker.”

–Henry David Thoreau

Maybe you use a Fitbit, Apple Watch or other “activity tracker” to give you feedback based on your movements throughout the day. I’ll admit that I’m a junkie for information about my daily steps. The physical benefits of walking abound.

But it occurred to me one morning that I regularly walk as much for my soul, my body sort of tagging along while my mind focuses on solving problems.

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Attending a street fair in Massillon, Ohio, from left, Terry, mother Jean Fales, and sister Lynn Clements.

Bowled over by a trip into the past with my mother and sister

When I was a little girl, I would go bowling with my mom on Monday mornings. I loved everything about it, from the team shirts to the smoky smell to lunch from the bar.

Imagine going back to a place where you have some of your fondest memories, of a time when you were a small pig-tailed girl with nothing but time on your hands. I recently had that opportunity to stroll down memory lane with my mother and older sister.

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Taking a vacation is good for employees and employers

As I pack for our annual beach trip, I think how wonderful it will feel to have sand between my toes and the warm sun on my back.

It was a long, cold winter in Hershey, and the ocean’s call in summer never ceases to reenergize me. Taking a vacation helps me rejuvenate my body and soul, recharging my mind and helping me regain balance in my life.

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New assessment: 7 identifiers of workplace stress

Deadlines looming. Emails backing up. Spouse starting a new career.

In the face of such daily stresses, I’m often asked how to practice mindfulness and remain calm. I’ve certainly asked myself that question at those times when my mind makes a three-ring circus appear tranquil and the monkeys are in there chattering all night long.

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Mentoring is good for the organization and its employees

Leadership and management expert John Maxwell believes that businesses need to focus on improving the person, not just the work that he or she performs. Within many companies, however, a mentoring program gets many hours of conversation and too few of implementation.

A robust mentoring program increases knowledge among newer employees and aids in recruiting and retaining them. Really, mentoring can be powerful and beneficial for everyone involved:

• For companies, it is an investment in your most important asset: your employees.
• Mentees gain knowledge that otherwise would take years to acquire.
• Mentors often become company leaders as they are empowered to lead by example in demonstrating the fundamentals of their specific roles.

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My weekend at Yogaville and the benefits of an ashram stay

I had dabbled in yoga for my entire adult life, but I have practiced it daily for the past five years.

I was at a place in my own self-discovery that I needed to “mind my mind” as much as my body. It’s a journey: The asanas (yoga positions) come easy, they say, the pranas (life force or vital energy) need to be practiced.

My yoga practice recently took me to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, overlooking the James River, for a weekend at the Satchidananda Ashram spiritual center.

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Not just child’s play: bullying is a silent epidemic in the workplace

The news is filled with stories of bullying in the classroom, on the playground, on social media.

Unfortunately, bullying isn’t just child’s play. The name calling, humiliation and intimidation that are hallmarks of bullying are equally present on the job.

In fact, workplace bullying is a silent epidemic in America.

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Spring cleaning and renewal

Spring seems especially precious this year. Temperatures dipped too low for too long this winter, and my body, mind and soul are screaming for renewal.

I feel spring in the air on those late-afternoon drives as the sun sets later, in the honking of the geese as they find their way north, and in the joy I feel when I don’t need a ski mask for my morning walk.

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Multiple assessments are the key to greater hiring success

I often am asked, “What makes your assessments different from other assessments?”

Most hiring managers know they will be more successful when they include science-based assessments in the hiring process. Some clients want an assessment – and only one – that is easy to read, as they want to make immediate hiring decisions.

But expediency should not be the determining factor in such an important matter; more information and a deeper dive into what that information reveals about a job seeker is what makes the Target Training International assessments that I offer different from other assessments.


Let me explain.

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