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Empathy Training/Conflict Resolution

We commonly think of business development in a sales or marketing sense, but what we’re talking about here is personal development. If leaders are to continue to grow in their jobs, they need to keep learning and honing their skills.

It takes empowered and inspired executives to lead successful teams. But among the big mistakes that businesses make is putting hiring decisions in the hands of people who just aren’t qualified to exercise that authority.

They may never have conducted a job interview, much less know the right questions to ask. For instance, what do “millenials”—the largest generation in the United States, representing one-third of the population—want out of a job and a career?

In order to motivate employees, leaders must understand each of them individually. Having the ability to share and understand the feelings of another person—empathy—is essential for keeping a group or team in balance.

With the right people in the right places, companies can increase productivity, reduce turnover, and fuel growth and profitability.

We use Target Training International assessments to determine a person or a team’s strengths and weaknesses. From this, we can write a prescription—enhance communication skills, improve competencies, resolve conflicts—for developing “human capital” to its fullest.