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Employee Engagement
Team Building

TTI’s assessments provide valuable insight into the personalities and motivators of the people on your team. And the more you know, the more communication and collaboration will take place.

Employee engagement requires an ongoing commitment to invest in your company’s talent in a meaningful way.


Perhaps an employee or a loved one is battling breast cancer: the company might support a breast cancer walk or fundraiser, or the team could prepare dinner for the patient’s family. It might be a running club for a certain group of employees, a night out at a ballgame geared to other employees.

It’s important to note that leaders can uphold their fiduciary responsibility and still support their team. In other words, employee engagement does not have to be expensive.

It truly is the thought that counts. What matters are authentic, personal experiences that break down barriers among colleagues. Efforts such as these can have lasting positive effects within an organization.